3 Things You Need To Know About Dentures

3 Things You Need To Know About Dentures

Aug 01, 2022

Dentists and other dental professionals do their best to preserve your natural teeth and keep them in excellent health. However, tooth loss may be inevitable due to severe decay, gum disease, or dental trauma. Fortunately, it is possible to improve the appearance of your smile after tooth loss.

Dentures are one of the teeth replacement methods used by the dentist in Phoenix. They are artificial teeth and gums customized to replace lost or extracted natural teeth. Dentures that replace a few missing teeth are named partial dentures, while full dentures replace an entire arch. Read on to learn more about dentures.

3 Things You Ought To Know About Dentures

  1. Dentures can be uncomfortable

When you start using dentures, you will experience some discomfort in the mouth for a short while. This happens because the soft tissues in your mouth are not used to the new device. The dentures may feel loose or odd until the tongue and cheek muscles learn to hold them in place. So, you will drool more than usual and may have mouth sores or minor irritations.

In addition, it will take practice to eat comfortably with these tooth replacements. Therefore, start with a diet of soft foods once the dentist fits you with dentures. Cut your food into small chewable pieces and chew using both sides of the mouth. You will return to your normal diet when you can eat without difficulty.

You may have issues speaking with the new dentures. Pronouncing certain words aloud will not be easy for the first few weeks. Also, if the dentures are not implant-supported, they may click or slip when speaking. Fortunately, this problem will disappear with time as you get used to wearing dentures.

  1. Denture hygiene and maintenance are crucial.

It is important to know that dentures need excellent hygiene and proper care. Keeping them clean maintains their natural-looking appearance and preserves your oral health. So, you must frequently remove your dentures to clean them and keep them stain-free. Use the special brushes and cleaning solutions made for dentures to avoid damaging them.

Once the dentures are out of your mouth, brush and floss your natural teeth properly. If you do not have any teeth, clean your gums with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Alternatively, you can clean them by wrapping a finger in a wet, soft cloth and gently rubbing your gums. Cleaning your mouth and dentures will prevent plaque and prevent oral health issues.

Lastly, care for your dentures properly when not in use. Keep them moist by soaking them overnight in denture solution so they do not lose shape. Handle them carefully to prevent them from falling as they can get chipped or cracked.

  1. Dentures require repairs and replacements.

When the dentist in Phoenix fits you with your new dentures, no one will be able to tell them apart from your real teeth. The dentist expertly customizes them to appear and function like the original teeth. However, dentures are not as strong as natural teeth. Therefore, they need to be repaired, relined, adjusted or replaced.

Patients with severely damaged teeth may have the dentist remove and replace them right away. When dentures immediately replace the teeth extracted, they may fit perfectly in the mouth. However, when the gums and bones heal, they shrink, making the dentures too big. Therefore, they need to be relined or rebased for a perfect fit. They may even be replaced altogether.

Dentures are made of a hard resin material that is not as strong as natural teeth. So, your dentures may chip or crack if they fall or are not handled properly. Besides, the resin material is less durable than the mouth tissues and wears down quickly.

Well-maintained dentures can last for five to seven years only. Therefore, they will need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Dental professionals do not recommend fixing or adjusting the dentures yourself. You may damage them beyond repair, making them ineffective.

So, if the metal clasps or attachments are broken, contact an emergency dentist near you. Do not wear them as they will cause irritation and mouth sores. You can get the team at Open Wide Dental for same-day adjustments or repairs. Call them too if you need new customized dentures to improve your smile.

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