8 Reasons to Get a Custom Mouthguardfor Your Athletic Kid

8 Reasons to Get a Custom Mouthguardfor Your Athletic Kid

Aug 01, 2023

Receiving a custom mouthguard at the dentist clinic is worth the money and effort. It is more comfortable, lets you breathe properly, and shields your teeth. Athletes that indulge in non-contact sports can also take advantage of mouthguards. Customized mouthguards are made in a dental laboratory and give the best protection against sports dental injuries.

Custom-fit also means every tooth is well protected. It resists damage from bruxism or sports. Firstly, the pediatric dentist will take the impression of your kids’ teeth. Then, he/she sends them to a dental laboratory for mouthguard formation.

Although a high-quality custom guard is a bit more costly, it resists everyday wear and tears better than other choices. Stock mouthguards do not offer measurable protection to the mouth. They are also quite uncomfortable.

Similarly, boil-and-bite mouthguards lose their shape to offer complete mouth protection. Other mouthguards designed for young athletes create speaking issues. It minimizes the potential of your dental team to do work in Unison. Furthermore, a custom sports guard lets your little one take water or other drinks without eliminating it.

Benefits of Custom-Made Mouthguard

Let us discover the benefits of properly fitted athletic mouthguards:

They Have a Long Life

Since custom mouthguards are uniquely manufactured, they have a long lifespan. Also, the material is strong.

They Are More Comfortable

Mouthguards have an ergonomic design. They are created according to the kid’s teeth. Due to this, they do not rub against the mouth and gums. So there is less risk of blisters or other discomforts. It makes the custom mouthguard much more comfortable than store-bought guards in the long term.

Also, store-bought mouthguards rub against the interior of the mouth. But custom mouthguards fit well with the lower teeth. It prevents damage when the lower teeth meet the upper one.

Shield the Jaw Joint

Another advantage of a custom mouthguard by the dentist in Phoenix AZ is the protection of the jaw joint. It uniformly distributes and absorbs the force of an impact on the face. It minimizes the stress on both sides of the face.

Offer Protection to the Soft Tissues of the Mouth

As a parent, the safety of your young athletes is your top priority. Facial impact can result in bruising and lacerations to the gums. Custom-fit mouthguards protect the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth.

By absorbing the force of an impact, they prevent injuries to the soft tissues. Without mouthguard protection, it allows your kid to experience a dental emergency, which ultimately makes the treatment costly.

Offers Better Adhesion to the Mouth Root

A mouthguard from the local dentist will stay fitted to the upper teeth. Therefore, your kid does not need to be concerned about the lost hardware of the guard on the sports ground.

Enhances Breathing Power

A custom-fit mouthguard allows you to breathe comfortably. Since it’s made especially for your kid, it will not block his/her airway. It makes breathing easier while sleeping or playing sports. Unobstructed breathing will ensure the proper oxygen intake to nourish the body.

Improves Communication on the Game Field

To ensure a better outcome, communication is important in the sports field. A store-bought mouthguard is much larger when compared to a custom version. Breathing is crucial when playing sports. An improperly fitted guard makes it impossible for you to receive sufficient oxygen into the lungs.

For getting quality cosmetic dentistry services to your kid, calling our clinic is the ideal choice.

Cushions Teeth from Highly Forceful Impacts

While playing sports, there is a risk of getting a high-force impact on the mouth and teeth. Customized guards have the potential to absorb these impacts much better than other types of mouthguards. It prevents an athlete’s mouth, tooth breakage, or knocked-out tooth.

Although both these versions protect the kids’ mouths and faces, a custom guard is much superior due to numerous reasons. Custom guards are sleek and thin. They are also rarely noticeable to others. It makes the child wear it regularly without any issues.

A custom mouthguard is also much more cost-effective and safer in the long term when compared to a store-bought mouthguard. Today, you can purchase a pre-made sports guard for your kid at a sports or drug store or receive a customized guard at the dental office.

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