Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign®?

Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign®?

Sep 05, 2022

Perfectly aligned teeth are a work of art. That’s why going for Invisalign® to straighten your teeth or deal with orthodontic issues such as gapped teeth is always an excellent idea. Invisalign is designed to make teeth straightening a comfortable and discreet affair. However, the journey to a straight, whiter smile can sometimes involve work. You must ensure that your aligners are clean, transparent, and stain-free.

But that’s not all. Your teeth might need some touch-ups to ensure that they are brighter. So, you must be wondering if teeth whitening in Phoenix is possible when you are still undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It is quite easy to whiten your teeth when you are wearing Invisalign. However, visiting our best dentist in Phoenix would help decide whether teeth whitening should be done or not while wearing your aligners.

In any case, let’s see how you can whiten your teeth while wearing aligners.

Whitening Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign Aligners

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to whiten your teeth while wearing Invisalign. However, most dentists, including our dentist, would recommend that you begin teeth whitening approximately six months after dealing with the orthodontic issues. The reason is simple; your teeth are a bit more sensitive while undergoing realignment, so complications may arise should you choose to whiten your teeth.

Besides the increased tooth sensitivity, your teeth constantly shift as they reach their final positions. Therefore, discoloration may occur in areas that weren’t exposed to whitening agents. You might end up having teeth that are whitened while others aren’t, resulting in an uneven appearance which could be trickier to remedy. The process will be much faster and more comfortable if you give your teeth time to adjust.

That said, it doesn’t mean you cannot whiten your teeth. Here are some of the considerations that our dentist will look at before recommending the type of teeth whitening method:

  • Your diet
  • Your oral hygiene
  • Genetic factors

Without further ado, let’s check out the whitening methods our dentist recommends while you are wearing your aligners.

Whitening Options While Wearing Invisalign

We offer several whitening options within cosmetic dentistry, such as in-office teeth whitening and whitening kits that you can use at home. However, the less intense forms of tooth whitening can be helpful when you desire to revamp your smile.

Here are the whitening options:

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

At-home teeth whitening kits are the best solution when you wish to have whiter teeth by the end of your treatment. This is because they have a higher hydrogen peroxide concentration than whitening toothpaste.

They come with a collection of trays and tubes that have whitening gels or syringes. You can get whitening kits that have moldable trays, trays with LED lights, and pre-filled trays.

The trays facilitate the bleaching process by keeping the teeth in contact with the whitening gels. Even though whitening trays are visually similar to Invisalign, they are different.

People may argue that you can place whitening gels on the Invisalign trays, but this isn’t the best way to go. Invisalign aligners are designed to be snug, so applying the whitening gel into the inside aligner may push the gel outside, which can irritate the gums and stomach if you swallow it. Therefore, using aligners as whitening trays can be a bad idea, so you must come to our dental offices near Phoenix to consult with our dentist.

There are two types of whitening kits:

  • Pre-filled and Moldable Trays

Moldable and pre-filled trays are heated up and molded onto your teeth. These trays are one-size-fits-all and produce fairly desirable results.

  • Customized Trays

We offer these trays when you visit our offices seeking cosmetic dentistry. Our dentist will take a mold of your teeth to design the trays. You will get better results when you go for this option.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can also help give you a brighter smile. However, whitening toothpaste isn’t as efficient as whitening gels or in-office whitening. Whitening toothpaste contains special abrasives that polish the teeth and low levels of peroxide to break down stains. Whitening toothpaste can only remove surface stains caused by foods or drinks that stain teeth.

The Takeaway       

It is possible to whiten your teeth while using Invisalign. However, you will need to proceed with caution, and to do this; you will need the guidance of our dentist. So, if you need a smile makeover or teeth alignment, contact us at Open Wide Dental to schedule an appointment.

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