Sep 02, 2021

In dentistry, orthodontics (a dental procedure that involves the treatment of malocclusion and abnormalities that occurs in the teeth) has been used in past and recent years. Till today, people still visit the dentist for appliances that can correct crooked and misaligned teeth. There are different types of dental treatment that an orthodontist can perform to correct teeth irregularities. However, in this article, we will be focusing more on the use of braces.

Braces are strong bands that are fixed to the teeth with tightened wires that are passed through a bracket-like tool to apply tension on the teeth. They are dental appliances that are used to straighten the teeth and give the teeth a good structure. Most people think braces are only used by children and teenagers. However, this is not true. Some adults make use of braces if they didn’t get treatment early as a child. They can still use it later. Also, some adults make use of braces if they are not satisfied with the position of their teeth and want straighter teeth. Others might also want to make use of braces for aesthetic reasons, especially invisible braces. Well, it is a good idea to get braces at the early stage of life if the malocclusion is detected early enough. For instance, children who have issues with the position of their teeth can make use of braces to help them straighten their teeth and tighten the teeth to stay in the right position. The healing process after the use of braces is faster in children cause as they grow, the braces help their jaw and teeth to improve with time. Also, children have a softer body structure and this makes it easy for corrections to be made. Before adulthood, some children stop using braces cause they have already developed a strong jaw that can now support the teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Braces?

Braces can be used for several orthodontic issues. Untreated malocclusion can make the teeth lose their functions and cause dental problems. It can cause talking problems and affect your eating and dental cleanings. The use of braces can correct these and give you a better dental structure.

Braces can make your teeth have a good look with time compared to when your teeth were in a bad position. They give good cosmetic looks. Most people who don’t like colored braces can choose to make use of the invisible braces to give them a better look.

Braces can save you from worse dental issues that can be caused by teeth misalignment and jaw problems. Due to the bad position of the teeth, an individual might have difficulties while cleaning the teeth and this can cause tatars to find refuge in the teeth thereby causing tooth decay and other teeth problems. Also, another exciting truth about braces is the fact that it doesn’t require the removal of any part of the teeth before it can be applied to the teeth. Your teeth will be saved and rebuilt.

Do Braces Have Side Effects?

Although the use of braces is effective and useful, some people might experience some complications with braces. However, side effects are rare and do not always occur except in unique cases where the

patient might be allergic to the treatment or has other issues that don’t allow for the use of braces. Also, there can be difficulties when flossing and brushing the part of the teeth where the wires and brackets of the braces are tightened. If those parts of the teeth are not cleaned thoroughly, food particles can get stuck there and cause plaques to build up thereby putting you at a higher risk of getting teeth and gum infections. This is why it is compulsory for those who wear braces to practice good dental cleaning and visit the dentist at least twice a month. Some people might also suffer from bruises on their soft tissues after the first few months after the application of the braces due to the wires and brackets connected to the teeth. This happens when the soft part of the mouth rubs the metal part when you’re talking or eating. You can visit your dentist for adjustments and guidelines on how to get used to the braces with time. Despite all these side effects, braces have been effective and are worth it. They provide long-lasting dental corrections.

Do Braces Weaken Teeth?

Braces are used to keep the teeth in their rightful position. All the braces do is make the teeth stronger and not weaker. Well, the teeth can get weak due to several reasons like decay, infections, and other reasons. Practicing good oral hygiene still stands as the best way to make your teeth stronger. See your dentist for guidelines and suggestions.

Do Braces Ruin Your Face?

Braces don’t ruin your face. They save your face from bad structure caused by teeth misalignment. Although some people prefer clear braces for better looks, braces give the face and teeth a good look and make you feel good.

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