How Often Should I Schedule My Dental Exam?

How Often Should I Schedule My Dental Exam?

Mar 15, 2023

Numerous oral health issues do not get visible and cause discomfort till they reach the advanced stage. The progressive level usually makes the dental treatment and the follow-up with the dentist more expensive and extensive. Therefore, even if you feel healthy, you might have a dental disease.

If it has been more than six months since you booked your routine dental checkup, fix your appointment without delay. Ignoring treatment for a long time increases the risk of several other issues. The mouth bacteria in the mouth can get hard and form tartar deposits. It ultimately declines your oral and general health.

How Often to Schedule a Dental Examination?

The dental team will usually advise getting a dental exam every six months. If you suffer from certain health conditions or have a unique lifestyle, you may need more check-ups. For example, lung inhalers and antidepressant medicines can lead to dry mouth. It can cause oral thrush, gum diseases, mouth sores, or decay. Therefore, it is pivotal to tell your dentist about the prescription medicines and medical devices you use during the appointment.

Furthermore, braces, overlapped teeth, and fixed dentures can make flossing and brushing teeth tough. By fixing a professional teeth cleaning appointment, you can avoid the risk of cavity formation and gum diseases. If you take sugary base beverages and foods or are a frequent tobacco user, you should get dental exams frequently.

Dental Exam Schedule

After examining the patients, the dentist recommends the following schedule:

Once a Year

People with good physical and dental health are the ideal candidate for this schedule. It prevents the risk of cavities and gum diseases.

Every Six Months

If you have dental fillings or other dental restorations in your mouth, the dentist will usually recommend a six-month schedule. During this, the expert will check your devices to make sure they are working as they should.

He/she will also clean the teeth to prevent the risk of cavities in the future. Semi-annual visits are also perfect for kids. They will ensure that their mouth and jaw develop as they should and check for alignment problems that require attention.

Every Three to Four Months

If you are at high risk of cavities and other risks, the dentist will recommend three to four months of schedule. High-risk patients usually include those with diabetes, smokers, weak immune systems, periodontal disease, and pregnant women. In patients with cavities, the dentist will eradicate plaque and bacteria to prevent new cavities from forming in the future.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam?

During your dental exam appointment, you can expect the following:

Detection of Oral Health Issues

Firstly, the dentist will evaluate your oral health using X-ray technology. It allows the professional to see the regions of teeth and below the gum lining.

Periodontal Exam

During a periodontal exam, he/she will check your periodontal health. The exam will include a neck and a head exam. It will ensure the professional that there is no issue with your neck and head.

Tooth by Tooth Exam

The professional will also perform a tooth-by-tooth exam to evaluate the health of each tooth and enamel. The expert will also check the existing dental restorations to ensure they are damage free.

Oral Cancer

He/she will also check the signs of mouth cancer and other dental health issues. If the expert notices abnormalities in your mouth, the dentist will recommend further testing.

Bite Analysis

The expert will perform a bite analysis to make sure your bite is healthy. It prevents the risk of loose teeth, excess tooth wear, and TMJ disorder.

Teeth Cleaning

During the dental cleaning visit, the professional will eradicate tartar and plaque. This appointment will also include professional flossing and polishing.

What Happens After the Dental Exam?

The expert at our dental practice in Phoenix will create a custom comprehensive dental treatment plan to determine the preventive measures and immediate needs essential for keeping up with dental health.

After a dental exam, the dentist will identify whether the patient requires cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the aesthetics of a smile. These include teeth bleaching, dental veneers, etc.

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