How to Maintain the Results of Teeth Whitening

How to Maintain the Results of Teeth Whitening

Dec 01, 2020

Many people consider teeth whitening to make their teeth white and bright. However, what you do after the teeth whitening treatment determines the success of the procedure. In this blog, you will get to learn the significance of aftercare tips when you receive teeth whitening treatments.

If you consume some foods daily, keeping your teeth white and bright might be a challenge since they are staining agents. Smoking can also cause tooth discoloration. Therefore, if you have smoke frequently, you might not achieve optimum results of teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Getting bright and white teeth is one step. However, maintaining bright and white is another. To keep your teeth white after the teeth whitening procedure, you can consider the following:

Good Oral Hygiene

When you eat and fail to brush your teeth, harmful bacteria act on the food particles and turn them into plaque. Plaque is a hardened substance that sticks on the gum line and extends to the teeth surfaces. Plaque causes the yellowing of your teeth and makes you feel less self-confident and uncomfortable engaging in conversations even at your workplace.

To avoid low self-esteem after teeth whitening, you can consider good oral hygiene practices. Therefore, you should brush twice daily using fluoride to remove food particles and plaque on the tooth surfaces. Flossing your teeth once daily eliminates plaque between the teeth and prevent tooth staining and discoloration.

Some plaque and tartar deposits are not removable by just brushing and flossing. Therefore, you will require regular professional dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth surfaces. During the professional dental cleanings, your dentist will use root planing and scaling techniques to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth surfaces.

Consider Whitening Touch-Ups

Whether you have undergone zoom whitening, deep bleaching, or home-based teeth whitening techniques, you should consider touch-up treatments at least every six months. Teeth whitening results along with your diet and lifestyle are not going to last forever. To keep your teeth white, you can get touch-up treatments up to two years after the initial treatments.

Since some foods or drinks might stain your teeth even after teeth whitening procedures, a touch-up will restore the shine and the natural color of your teeth.

Regular Dental Visits

The best way to maintain white and sparkly teeth is by visiting your Phoenix dentist regularly. You should not be ashamed of going for dental check-ups since it is crucial to your oral health. The regular dental visits will also ensure that the pearly white teeth you get after whitening will stay like that for a long time.

Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatments

The teeth whitening procedure will cost you some amount of money. Therefore, you would want to maintain the results for a long period. The first 48 hours after the teeth whitening procedure are critical. During that period, you need to be aware of the foods you take since some of them might discolor your teeth. Avoid the foods that are staining agents during this time.

Some of the foods that you can avoid during the first 48 hours after teeth whitening include:

  • Coffee and tea since they can stain your teeth instantly
  • Dark chocolate contains caffeine, thus a staining agent
  • Dark-colored sauces such as red pasta, soy, and barbeque sauce
  • Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and oranges since they contain acids that can weaken your enamels

If you have to drink tea, coffee, or grape juice, you can use a straw instead of sipping it directly from the mug or glass. When using a straw, the liquid will not be in contact with your teeth, unlike sipping it directly from the cup.

To be safe from stains, you can eat the following foods during the first days after teeth whitening:

  • White meat
  • Colorless beverages
  • White-colored vegetables
  • Non-citrus fruits

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

Some people will stay with stained and discolored teeth due to fear of damaging their teeth. However, teeth whitening does not damage your teeth. At Open Wide Dental, we use safe and modern teeth whitening technologies that are approved. Therefore, you don’t have to dread getting your teeth whitened.

Home-based teeth whitening can sometimes be detrimental since you are likely to use the products for a long time, damaging your enamel.

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