Missing Teeth: How Many Teeth Can You Have On A Dental Bridge?

Missing Teeth: How Many Teeth Can You Have On A Dental Bridge?

Oct 20, 2022

Failure to replace a missing tooth can be detrimental to oral health, and dental bridges are reliable for replacing lost teeth. Unlike dental implants that require you to have adequate bone mass and healthy oral tissues, dental bridges are a viable option. Our dentist in Phoenix, Arizona, may recommend you to have dental bridges depending on the number of your missing teeth and other aspects. Read on to find out how many missing teeth dental bridges can replace.

What’s A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is one of the restorative options for your missing teeth. It involves artificial teeth supported by abutment teeth or dental implants. A dental bridge in Phoenix, AZ, can be used to replace one tooth or a section of several missing teeth. However, your dentist may not recommend dental bridges for full arch replacement. Dental bridges can serve you for up to 15 years with proper care. The appliances resemble your natural dental outlook, and they restore your dental functionality.

When Is The Ideal Time To Have Dental Bridges And What’s Their Role?

You can have a dental bridge in Phoenix, AZ, if you miss a tooth or a section of your dental has a gap due to lost teeth. You’ll require strong abutment for replacing multiple missing teeth to enhance the stability of the artificial teeth. Once you visit your dental office, your specialist will check on the condition of your adjacent teeth or dental implants to determine if you’ll have dental bridges.

Dental bridges are preferable if you are looking for a less invasive treatment than dental implants. However, your adjacent teeth to the lost teeth should be healthy to support dental bridges. Your smile makeover specialist may recommend you replace missing teeth with dental bridges based on their aesthetic dental restoration. Dental bridges are suitable due to the following benefits:

  • Restoring your appealing smile and overall oral health
  • Improved bites
  • Restoring your facial outlook
  • Distribution of bite forces properly

Your best dentist, Phoenix, may recommend you to have dental bridges based on their myriad benefits.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Dental bridges incorporate crowns attached to abutment teeth. The anchorage is done at the end of the left gap by missing teeth, and they are connected to artificial teeth called pontics. Your dentist in Phoenix, Arizona, may recommend you to have a specific type of dental bridge based on the material used to customize it. Metallic dental bridges are durable and resistant to chipping. However, porcelain material provides a natural look and aids in a smile makeover. In addition, porcelain material resembles your natural teeth enabling the dental bridge to appear discreet.

How Many Missing Teeth Can A Dental Bridge Replace?

Your dental bridge can replace up to four teeth depending on the number of teeth you’ve lost. Your best dentist in Phoenix will replace your missing teeth based on your preferences. It’s rare for you to have lost more than four teeth unless you’ve encountered a traumatic injury. While placing a dental bridge in the dental office, your specialist will ensure you have healthy remaining teeth for anchoring dental bridges.

Unhealthy teeth may cause your dental bridge to become loose or unstable with time. The emergency dentist near you may recommend you replace loose dental bridges to prevent discomfort on your soft oral tissues. A dental bridge may fail to be stable if used to replace multiple teeth. For instance, you’ll require a larger dental bridge if you need to replace four missing teeth. A larger bridge is more stable and can replace multiple teeth. Your oral tissues have to be healthy to support a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are vital in replacing teeth and their functionality. They also restore your dental aesthetics and dental structure. You don’t have to endure embarrassment due to missing teeth since dental bridges can restore your appealing smile. At OpenWide Dental, we examine your dental and determine the right dental bridges for replacing your missing teeth. Our specialist will address your needs and ensure your dental functionality is restored. If you have damaged dental bridges, the emergency dentist near you can replace them. If you are considering replacing missing teeth, don’t hesitate to visit our dental office.

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