Periodontal Treatment An Essential Requirement Of People Suffering from Periodontitis

Periodontal Treatment An Essential Requirement Of People Suffering from Periodontitis

Nov 01, 2019

People that are suffering from periodontitis which is a serious gum infection will have no options but to contact a dentist specializing in periodontal in Phoenix. The infection can damage the soft tissue of the gum and destroy the bone supporting the teeth. This is a condition that can cause the teeth to loosen leading to tooth loss among people.

This condition is entirely preventable despite being common among many. Poor oral hygiene is the primary cause for this condition which can easily be prevented by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, undergoing regular dental examinations from a Phoenix dentist to improve the chances of treating periodontitis successfully or even reducing the possibilities of developing it.

Your dentist in Phoenix will examine you to determine whether you have periodontitis and also understand the severity of the condition. Your dentist may also review your medical history to identify any factors that could be contributing to the condition and also look for plaque and tartar buildup. After he or she has completed the examination dental x-rays will be taken to determine the bone loss in the areas where your dentist may have observed deeper pocket depths.

Treatment for Periodontitis

Your dentist in Phoenix AZ will perform the treatment for this condition. The objective of the treatment will be to thoroughly clean the pockets around your teeth to prevent damage to the bone surrounding it. Your best odds to succeed with the treatment is when you adopt a good oral care routine every day and give up the use of tobacco.

Non-Surgical Treatments For Periodontitis

If your condition is still manageable the nonsurgical treatments may involve procedures that are less invasive such as:

  • Scaling — the scaling is performed to remove bacteria and tartar from the surface of your tooth as well as below your gums. It may be performed by using instruments, an ultrasonic device, or a laser.
  • Root planning — this procedure smooths the tooth surfaces to discourage the additional buildup of tartar and bacteria while also removing any bacterial byproducts that could be contributing to the inflammation-causing delay in the healing or the reattachment of the gum to the surfaces of the tooth.
  • Antibiotics — bacterial infections can be easily managed with topical or oral antibiotics. While oral antibiotics will be necessary to eliminate the infection-causing bacteria. Topical antibiotics such as insertion of gels containing antibiotics into the space between your gums and teeth or the pockets after deep cleaning and antibiotic mouth rinses may also be suggested.

If the treatments mentioned above fail it will be determined that you have advanced periodontitis which requires dental surgery. Your dentist 85013 will make you aware of the surgery and any other procedure which may be required just as your dentist in Phoenix AZ did when you first approached him or her for the treatment.

Surgical Treatments For Periodontitis

If you are determined as having advanced periodontitis needing surgical treatments you will be a candidate for multiple types of surgical procedures which may be suggested.

You may be asked to undergo flap surgery in which your dentist providing the periodontal treatment will make small incisions in your gums to enable them to lift a section of the gum tissue to expose the roots for effective scaling and root planing. This condition generally causes bone loss and therefore the underlying bone may require recontouring before the gum tissue is stitched back in place. These areas can be cleaned easily to maintain healthy gum tissue as your healing continues.

The dentist near you may also suggest soft tissue grafts, bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration as well as tissue stimulating proteins to improve the gum tissue. This is an indicator that you must be prepared for the long haul if you are affected by this condition.

Lifestyle Changes And Home Remedies

Brush your teeth twice a day or even after every meal. Use a soft toothbrush but make it a point to replace it every three months. Floss daily and use a mouth rinse that can help to reduce plaque between your teeth as dentist 85013 recommended. Do not forget to visit your professional dentist for regular cleanings according to the schedule recommended.

Meeting your dentist regularly for checkups and exams is perhaps the best way to avoid periodontal diseases. However, if you are affected by this condition you must ensure that you do not avoid visiting the dentist in Phoenix because he or she is your only solution to deal with this condition.

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