Sealants as the option for your teeth’s protection

Sealants as the option for your teeth’s protection

Apr 01, 2021

Dental sealants as their name suggest are a form of coating. They are plastic coatings that are painted on the surface of the teeth that is used during chewing. They are mostly placed at the back teeth being that the premolars and the molars are the ones used for chewing. The sealants play an important role in preventing tooth decay by keeping the depressions and groves within the teeth out of reach for the debris that would have possibly clogged at these points. The sealants are thus a protective layer placed over the enamel of the chewing teeth.

It is obvious that brushing and flossing of teeth does not do enough to remove the food particles and the debris that stand to stock within the teeth especially those that have contours. It is for this reason that a cover of the teeth surface that is involved is necessary and important.

Who needs the sealants?

Children and teenagers are some of the people that need the sealants most. The chances of these groups of people to suffer tooth decay and damaged teeth as a result of clogging food particles and debris are high. This makes the need to put a coating over their teeth to cover the molars and pre-molars a priority. Adults who already do not have teeth problems also stand to benefit from the intervention. It is good as a protective measure.

Baby teeth play a critical role in holding the right placing for the permanent teeth. For this reason, in some cases, the sealants should be applied to babies when the baby’s teeth have depressions and groves and need to be maintained healthy for the expected teeth. You can thus say that sealants are good for everybody irrespective of age and condition of the teeth. If you can have them, you just go ahead, have them, and avoid the exposure to damage of teeth.

Sealants are good for people who have sensitive teeth because they protect the teeth’s enamel from the sensitive agents. Sensitive teeth and cavities can be cured through a visit to orthodontics who get to apply teeth sealants to coat the actual teeth. The teeth sealants applied by the orthodontics will cover the cavities preventing further decay of the teeth in a way that fluoride varnish will not be able. The fluoride varnish are not able to cover the gaps in the teeth making it an incomplete process that corrects but does not prevent further damage.

What to expect during the application of the sealants

The process of application of the sealants is easy and it is painless. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes visit to a dentist to have the sealants applied and every tooth sealed as required. You will first have the teeth that are to be sealed identified and cleaned thoroughly to ensure that nothing is left. Each of the identified teeth is then dried and kept dry. The teeth maybe kept dry by placing an absorbent cloth on top of the teeth.

After all this has been performed, an acid solution is applied to the surface that is usually used for chewing. The role of the acid is to roughen the surface to enable the bonding of the teeth. The acid is then rinsed and the teeth dried once the surface is ready for the sealant application. The sealants is then applied or painted on the enamel of the teeth. It bonds with the teeth directly on application. A curing light maybe applied to harden the applied sealant or it may be lift to dry on its own.

How long should you expect the sealant to last?

You can have the sealant useful in your teeth for almost ten years. They will protect your teeth from decay during this period. However, you may have to have your teeth checked for chipping or wearing. The dental checkups will come in handy to protect the teeth from damaging as a result of cracks on the sealant. The sealants will be replaced when necessary with the procedure being just as simple as the application only that they previous sealants will have to be removed. Dentist in Phoenix can perform the procedure if you get the right expertise from dentist in Phoenix.

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