What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adult Braces?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Adult Braces?

Aug 30, 2019

The number of people looking for adult braces has increased over time. Back in 2014, the American Association of Orthodontists said that approximately 27 percent of North American orthodontic patients are adults and that the number of people seeking orthodontic treatment has increased by 16 percent.

While teens and adolescents are usually not happy with the thought of having to wear braces for two to three years, their parents can often persuade them to get orthodontic treatment, says the dentist in Phoenix. On the other hand, adult patients say that their internal motivation is enough for them to get orthodontic treatment. It has been observed that their personal and professional lives see a boost after having their teeth straightened, says the dentist in Phoenix, AZ.

Adults with crooked or misaligned teeth may have suffered from embarrassment, not just in adulthood, but also when they were young. Dental flaws make people conscious of their appearance and cause them to shy away from socializing and smiling for the camera.

It is to be noted that the adult orthodontic treatment process is slightly different than the orthodontic treatment process for children. The healing rate slows down as a person ages. That is why we see kids recovering from injuries quicker than adults. Also, another point to consider in adults is growth. In most people, the skeletal growth stops in the early twenties.

Orthodontists are trained for diagnosing skeletal and dental relationships so that they can offer the right treatment and solutions. Also, more than knowing what to do, they are trained for knowing what not to do. Patients need to have a discussion with their dentists so that they can make an informed decision about their orthodontic treatment.

Patients should establish a connection with their dentist in 85013 so that they can get their questions and concerns answered before opting for any treatment. By visiting the dentist in person, patients can assess how comfortable they feel with them. As a patient, you have the right to be aware of all the available treatment options before making a decision.

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