What Is the Best Age for Braces?

What Is the Best Age for Braces?

Apr 01, 2023

Approximately 50 to 70 percent of American children need braces before becoming adults. In the US, orthodontic treatment is almost a rite of passage for children because of the commonality of the treatment.

If you have children, you may have concerns about their dental issues or think their teeth and jaws are growing incorrectly. If so, the chances are high that your kids may become part of the statistics of children needing braces or other orthodontic therapy.

If you wonder what the best age for your children to get braces is, please continue reading because more information is provided in this article for your benefit.

Orthodontic Therapy Goes Beyond Aesthetics

The first thing that needs addressing is that orthodontic treatment is for more than just aesthetic appearance. Therefore when you consider orthodontics, you mustn’t think it is just a correction of imperfect teeth to benefit your smile.

While your thoughts are justified, there are multiple sides to orthodontics. While better aesthetics are undoubtedly delivered by orthodontic treatment in Phoenix, it also addresses problems making it challenging for patients to eat, breathe, and speak. Therefore if your children have issues extending beyond the appearance of their teeth, an appointment with an orthodontist can help address the problems.

Starting Children with Orthodontics Early

As children are growing, a pediatric dentist must monitor them to ensure their teeth and jaws are developing correctly if you take your children to the dentist for six monthly checkups from an early age.

The dental practice in Phoenix suggests you bring your children to an orthodontist by seven because they start developing their permanent teeth at this age. Before your child’s adult teeth begin erupting, you must ensure their teeth and jaw are developing correctly. If you don’t, they may need more drastic orthodontic therapy to fix any problems.

When you take children to regular appointments with the dentist from an early age, the professional monitors their growth and identifies problems early. They suggest children practice interceptive or preventive care, helping them save plenty of time and challenges later.

Optimal Age for Braces

The optimal age for braces depends on your children because everyone is unique and has a different growth rate. Some children will go through puberty faster than others. However, your children should get braces between nine and 14 before going through puberty. If your children are older, it indicates it will be challenging to adjust their jaws or teeth as they would have settled into their post-puberty positions.

Versions of Braces

You may think metal and wire braces are the only solutions available because you may have observed them in many children’s mouths. However, dentistry advances now offer different choices to make orthodontic treatment more customized. Besides metal and wire braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign are also available when seeking restorative dentistry in Phoenix.

Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment

The most apparent sign that your child may need orthodontic treatment providing braces is the presence of crooked and gapped teeth. However, these issues may not indicate braces are necessary. Some crucial signs indicating children need orthodontic treatment include challenges breathing, snoring while sleeping, problems speaking and eating, crowded teeth, misaligned bites, and jaws and teeth visibly out of proportion.

Earlier, we mentioned children are best treated for orthodontic problems by age seven. However, there are no limitations on when children or adults can receive orthodontic treatment. Therefore if you notice the issues mentioned above earlier or later, you can schedule an appointment with the Phoenix dental practice to ensure the problems are addressed. The earlier your children receive orthodontic care, the better because it will be simple and perfect.

Now that you know the best age for getting braces is not determined, and anyone can have them, you must schedule regular dental exams and checkups for children without exceptions. In many cases, pediatric dentists identify problems early and correct them using interventional orthodontics, which helps eliminate the need for braces. Alternatively, the dental professional enables you to plan for the treatment if braces are necessary to prepare financially for the therapy.

If you are convinced by the information in this article and are willing to take charge of your children’s orthodontic problems, schedule an appointment with Open Wide Dental today and take them to assess their orthodontic issues. Receiving early treatment helps children develop straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, besides eliminating other problems accompanying orthodontic issues. In addition, remember anyone can receive orthodontic treatment regardless of age, whether they are seven or 70.

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