Why Do You need Whiter Teeth?

Why Do You need Whiter Teeth?

Jan 01, 2020

Teeth are an integral part of digestion. The digestion starts with the mouth where the food is broken down into smaller parts. Teeth also brighten your smile and enhance your confidence. Every day, a thin coating, also known as a pellicle, is formed over the enamel and gets stained. The tooth enamel is porous, and the chances of getting stained are high.

Not maintaining good oral hygiene, smoking, and chewing tobacco, and consumption of acidic and caffeinated drinks tends to discolor your tooth and get stained. Aging also makes the enamel thin, and the dentin becomes darker.

Intake of fluoride more than the permissible level and consumption of tetracycline antibiotics can cause intrinsic stains that require professional dentist for teeth whitening.

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure that can give your teeth a bright, sparkling look and enhance your self-esteem. Dentists at Phoenix, Arizona, are well trained and highly professional to whiten your teeth and provide you a bright smile.
If you want whiter teeth, maintaining good oral hygiene is a must. Brushing twice a day, using a mouthwash, and flossing your teeth are some ways to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing helps to remove the plaque that forms over the teeth.

Acids in food weaken the enamel, and brushing the teeth when the enamel is weak can deteriorate your tooth structure. It is advisable to defer brushing your teeth at least for thirty minutes after the consumption of acidic food r beverages.

Adding carrot, celery, peas, cucumbers, cauliflower, and apples in your diet keeps the teeth clean and eliminates bacterial growth. You can also use a straw while drinking beverages to keep the teeth away from dying.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure. If you intend to have sparkling teeth, you need to undergo the process of teeth whitening frequently. At-home teeth whitening is not that tough. You can start by making a few changes in your dietary habits. You should avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine like tea, wine, or coffee.

Baking soda can remove the gentle stains from the surface of the teeth. Some might think that baking soda can be harsh for your gums, but studies have revealed that baking soda can whiten the teeth. Baking soda also reduces plaque and fights bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach that finds an application to remove stains of the tooth. You can brush the teeth with baking soda and few drops of hydrogen peroxide for optimal results. Remember that this process can be administered occasionally, and should not be incorporated as a daily routine.

Some enzymes, as bromelain and papain, are known to whiten the teeth naturally. You can also try fluoride toothpaste or whitening gel as prescribed by your dentist.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dentists use whitening agents of higher concentrations. Along with hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide is also used by dentists to whiten your teeth. The bleaching agents break the stains into smaller pieces and leaves your teeth sparkling white.

The application of special laser rays on yellow teeth removes the stains faster. The lasers are known to whiten your tooth at least by six shades within an hour. The whitening process at the dentist starts with the application of a whitening gel with a higher concentration of bleaching agent. By the process of oxidation, the saints are dissolved off the porous surfaces of the teeth, leaving it clean and bright.
In certain cases, the application of a single coat of whitening gel does not yield the desired results. I the dentist feels, he can apply another fresh coat of whitening gel, and you would have to wait for at least forty minutes before rinsing off.

Sparkling Smile with Whiter Teeth

Teeth whitening not only gives you’re a bright smile but also enhances your confidence. You might have been hiding due to yellow teeth. But with whiter teeth, you can obtain the lost self-esteem.

At Open Wide Dental, we provide an accurate diagnosis and provide the best available treatment. Our staffs are well versed and capable of understanding your issues and guiding accordingly. We are dedicated to providing personalized and excellent dental care. Our dentists in Phoenix, Arizona, are highly skilled in guiding you with teeth whitening.

What are you waiting for? Rush to a dentist to whiten your teeth. You can be assured to receive the best available treatment and cherish your smile.

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