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Root Canal Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with severe tooth decay, damage or infection? Experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity lately? You may be in need of root canal therapy! At Open Wide Dental we are proud to offer root canal treatment in Phoenix for our patients that are interested in preserving their natural tooth and avoiding the need for a tooth extraction. Not sure if you need a root canal? Common symptoms that a patient may need root canal therapy in Phoenix include:

  • Severe Tooth Decay
  • Severe Tooth Damage
  • Severe Tooth Infection
  • Toothache
  • Temperature (Hot/Cold) Sensitivity
  • Pressure/Chewing Sensitivity
  • Darkened Tooth
  • Swollen Gums
  • Tender Gums
  • Inflamed Gums
  • Infected Gums

Interested in scheduling a consultation to determine if root canal treatment is the best option for you? Contact Open Wide Dental today, we’d be more than happy to get you on our schedule.

About Our Root Canals

Although many people think root canal treatment is a scary experience, it is far from it. Prior to your root canal, a local anesthetic is used to make sure the area is numbed. A tiny hole is created in the affected tooth, allowing your endodontist in Phoenix to properly access the tooth pulp and root. The root canal is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and then sealed, reducing the risk of future complications or need for root canal re-treatment.

Following root canal therapy, it is recommended to place a dental crown. A dental crown can provide additional strength and protection for the affected tooth along with improving the appearance of the tooth.

Why Root Canal Therapy?

Left untreated, damaged, infected and decayed, tooth roots can become a much more serious problem, resulting in tooth loss, oral infections and in extreme cases, sepsis (a fatal infection of the blood).

Schedule Root Canals in Today

Think that your smile may benefit from our Phoenix root canal treatment? Contact Open Wide Dental today, we’d be happy to get you on our schedule and are always welcoming new patients into our practice. We look forward to providing your family with exceptional dental care!

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