Whitening your teeth makes your natural teeth brighter and enhances that beautiful smile, but having it done is not for everyone. You should talk it over with Open Wide Dental before you take action, particularly if you are affected by:

  • White spots or tooth decay
  • A crown, a bridge, or some other dental work on your front teeth.
  • If your gums are infected
  • You have sensitive or discolored teeth

Keeping your teeth bright white after getting them cleaned and whitened can be anywhere from four to twelve months, depending on what type of whitening treatment was used and the consumption of drink and food that could easily be staining your teeth (i.e., coffee, tea, and blueberries).

To have those teeth stay their whitest and stop tooth whitening treatment, make sure you practice continuous good oral hygiene.

Types of Whiteners

If Open Wide Dental in Phoenix agrees that you are a good candidate to have tooth whitening, you may choose from an over-the-counter kit for tooth whitening or an Open Wide Dental treatment.

From the Store and Over-The-Counter

If you are using one of those over-the-counter kits for whitening your teeth, get one that has been approved by the ADA (American Dental Association) and read and follow the directions on its package. The store-bought kit requires you to use it from 7-30 days consistently to get the full effect. Individual results will differ.

Open Wide Dental-Supervised

Treatments that are Open Wide Dental supervised will provide faster and more significant results in tooth whitening than the store-bought kits. There are two kinds of treatment to choose from:

  • The in-dentist office kind that with one treatment will whiten your teeth 5-10 shades.
  • Or, Open Wide Dental dispensed kits to take home that will contain a higher concentration of the whitening component than any store-bought version and just as easy to use. You will probably be much happier with the results of what the dentist prescribes than a regular over-the-counter store-bought version.

What Happens with an In-Office Treatment?

After the Open Wide Dental in Phoenix thoroughly examines your gums, teeth, and supporting structure, he will talk to you about whether he feels if it is safe for you to pursue whitening for that smile of yours. If you both agree on the in-office treatment, the clinician will:

  • Prep your mouth and cover your gums and lips so only your teeth will show.
  • Then a professional grade whitening gel will be placed only on your teeth.
  • It will sit on your teeth with a specific light shining on your teeth for fifteen minutes. The light will cause the gel to penetrate better and whiten your teeth.
  • While waiting, you can listen to music or watch TV while you relax in the dental chair.
  • They will repeat the gel and light scenario two more times, and then you are finished.

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